Purpose and history

The Occupation Museum in Aarhus tells the dramatic story of Aarhus during the occupation in the Second World War. The Museum is established in the old Town Hall and police station, which from fall 1944 until the liberation served as the headquarters for the much-feared German security police, Gestapo.

The preserved cells and basement rooms show a very impressive exhibition, which tells the story of everyday life, Danish propaganda and Nazi terror during the war. 


The purpose of the museum is to document, preserve and pass on the history of the Occupation in Aarhus for the citizens, tourists and others who are interested. The Occupation Museum is a sub department of Den Gamle By. (The Old Town)


1982: The museum is established with the name "MUSEET FOR BESÆTTELSEN I AARHUS, 1940-45"

1982: The Museum exhibits in borrowed premises in the Barracks on Langelandsgade.

1983: The Museum moves to the basement below Aarhus' old police station by the Cathedral.

1984: The Support group "BESÆTTELSESMUSEETS VENNER" is established.

1994: The museum is renovated and a brand new exhibition is added.

2008: The Occupation museum becomes a part of Aarhus City museum and obtains State recognition.

2011: The Occupation museum and Aarhus City museum becomes a part of Den Gamle By.